Zara vs. Tampons?

Posted by Francesca Alfano On Wednesday, March 10, 2010
What is more meaningful to you- a guy that surprises you with clothes or a guy that buys you a box of tampons? I know you may be thinking that this is a strange question, but I found myself pondering over it last week. I will start off with a little background info...

For Lent this year, being the good Catholic that I am, I gave up shopping . (No better way to replenish my dwindling bank account!) As I entered my second week of not shopping at all, I was going through some serious withdrawal- as pathetic as that sounds. I guess my guy could tell this as I became more tense each day. On Thursday I was sitting by my desk, trying to catch up on some work, when I looked down to see a shiny white envelope popping out of my bag. "Hmm?" Curious, I opened the envelope to find a gift card to Zara with a note that said " I know you gave up shopping but I am an enabler..."

I was pumped and couldn't believe how thoughtful this guy was. Two days later, though, he topped the gift card. Welp! It was that time of month and we were hanging out at his apartment when I realized I didn't have any extra tampons (a normal occurrence for me). I told him I needed to run out to the drugstore and he said to wait until our takeout came. When the takeout came, I immersed myself in my veggie burger and an episode of Real Housewives of New York. His phone rang and he ducked out for a few. I figured he was just on the phone for a while when he came back 10 minutes later, but he had actually run out to get me a box of tampons. At this point, I was completely floored. He melted my heart, I couldn't believe how thoughtful he was and how he would sacrifice his manliness for me! Are tampons the key to a girl's heart?

So ladies, what do you think is more meaningful?

2 Responses to 'Zara vs. Tampons?'

  1. Lauren said...'> March 10, 2010 at 5:08 PM

    I dont know, but I would just keep this guy ;)


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