Happy Earth Day!

Posted by Francesca Alfano On Thursday, April 22, 2010
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In honor of Earth Day, I thought I'd give a few ideas for living a greener life. 

- Recycled clothing.  Thrift stores, consignment shops, and flea markets can have some really great finds.  I know people who have gotten some designer pieces for a few dollars (which also helps if you're on a budget...).  This way you're helping the environment and looking fabulous while doing it.  On the other side, if you have clothes that you never wear or that don't fit, try donating them to the Salvation Army, Goodwill, Big Brother/Big Sister, or any other similar organizations.

- If you're not into used clothing, there are also plenty of eco-friendly and organic brands around.  Some of these are H&M's Garden Collection, Loomstate, American Apparel, and Naya, but there are so many more.  Even just sticking to cotton instead of synthetic fabrics can help.

- Get a library card.  I know taking out a book from the library seems a bit antiquated, but this is another way to save money and be good to the world too.

- Use alternative transportation.  This could be public transportation, walking, or biking.  According to a study from the MTA, city transit riders help curb the release of 17.4 million metric tons of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere per year.  

- Try going to restaurants that use locally grown food.  Eat Well Guide allows you to search for these restaurants in your area.

- Use green beauty products.  Make sure you do your research first because a lot of companies try to hop on the green bandwagon without actually being eco-friendly, but there are some good brands out there. 

For more, check out these easy  Eco-Friendly Tips.

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