McDonald's Germany has New York City Themed Cupcakes

Posted by Francesca Alfano On Monday, April 12, 2010
I wanted to post these last week when I found out but unfortunately didn’t get around to it. We LOVE cupcakes over here (I often find it hard just to stay away from Crumbs bakery) The McDonald's in Germany has just introduced New York City inspired cupcakes. The cupcakes are named after four neighborhoods in Manhattan; East Village, Chelsea, SoHo, and Central Park (Even though this is not really a neighborhood we'll still eat it) was nice enough to translate the description for each flavor:

Chelsea Cupcake: "Chelsea was once terribly hip, sometimes not, and then again. Was that too fast? Well, that's New York. My tip: just relax on the harbor or simply sit by the lake and a chocolate cup-cake with your personal feeling happy period Chelsea."

Central Park Cupcake: "Tip and central park? Throughout New York hangs out here. My tip: Just get yourself a cup strawberry-cake, sit down at any bank and enjoy your very personal Central Park Moment."

SoHo Cupcake: "Sightseeing? Everything here is worth seeing: catch at the Houston Street, and work your way slowly through the south. Or get just a bit of Soho in your home country: After a spree breath through your town a bit and draw the view once again small. At Vanilla cup-cake, perhaps. But only briefly, because he is sooo yummy."

East Village Cupcake: "Here come from the most famous artists in New York. And here in dozens of tourists looking for new art galleries. I now play Andy Warhol once and tell everything what I like to art. This cappuccino cup cake = for example: all great art."

I'm not sure how to feel about the characters portrayed for the SoHo and East Village cupcakes, they don’t look like hipster-enough for me.If these come to New York I think I may just have to try one. What do you think?

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