Subway Connection

Posted by Francesca Alfano On Friday, April 16, 2010
         I seem to have a lot of stories with the makings of a romantic comedy, but without the happily-ever-after ending.  I'm still waiting for one of them to actually work out, but, in the mean time, I don't really mind all of these beginnings- at least they add a little excitement to life. One recent encounter actually did remind me of a movie script.
          I was on the subway on the way to work and it was the most crowded I had seen it in a long time, one of those days where every person seems to be in a terrible mood despite the fact that it was only a week before Christmas.  While I waited on the platform, I kept making eye contact with one guy, seemingly the only person besides myself who wasn't ready to kill someone.  Finally a train came that wasn't too crowded for us to hop on and this guy (let's call him Joe) and I made some light conversation after he offered me the bar that he had been holding onto.  Joe and I were getting off the same spot and coincidentally he knew one of my co-workers from the gym.  We said our goodbyes without exchanging any information, I actually don't know if I'd even given him my name, but he said he hoped to see me again.
         With the business of the holidays I completely forgot about our subway encounter, until three weeks later when I got a phone call at work.  Joe had run into my colleague and mentioned he met me and wanted to speak to me again and my colleague gave him my number.  I thought it was pretty sweet that he worked to track down my number (I tried to ignore the stalker-ish aspect since he seemed harmless enough), so when he asked me to lunch I said yes. 
          Lunch was nice enough, but I didn't feel any real spark, which is unfortunate because I thought it would have been a nice story to tell our grandchildren.  We still talk occasionally, but I didn't exactly get the romantic comedy ending I was looking for - maybe next time.    

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