Walter Chin- 25 Nudes

Posted by Francesca Alfano On Friday, September 24, 2010

Famous photographer Walter Chin is now displaying his exhibition titled 25 Nudes at New York's Milk Gallery. The gallery features some of his most famous nude photos including one of Giselle Bündchen.

Chin's has collaborated with publications including GQ, Vogue, Wallpaper, W, Vanity Fair and Elle, and he has also photographed for brands like Missoni, Bergdorf Goodman and Tommy Hilfiger. Throughout his many decades of photography, he has shown his love of the human body.  His shots capture the beauty of the female figure, creating a symbotic link between the model and the lens. 

Artist State­ment

"I have been tak­ing pho­tographs all my life and I am for­ever fas­ci­nated by the human form. I will never tire of pho­tograph­ing it, yet it remains a chal­lenge. To cap­ture the beauty, the essence of the woman within and to cre­ate a sym­bi­otic rela­tion­ship between the model and the lens — this is my pas­sion, this is what con­tin­ues to inspire me. ”

The exhibit will run from September 21st thru October 9th 2010.

450 W 15th St, New York, United States‎ - (212) 645-2797‎

Read more for Photos: NSFW Images*

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