Shopbop and IFB Best Dressed Blogger

Posted by Francesca Alfano On Friday, March 25, 2011

I am so happy to announce that I was the winner of the Shopbop and IFB best dressed blogger contest from the IFB Conference during NYFW.  I honestly did not expect this at all  - when I received the email I thought it had to be a joke because there were so many other chic and very well dressed bloggers at the conference!  Check out a few questions from the interview below or read the full article here!

Shopbop: What made you decide to start a blog?

Francesca Alfano: I’ve always admired fashion and found myself constantly browsing through a ton of fashion websites daily. My friends were always coming to me for fashion advice, whether it was trying to help them decide on what to wear for a certain occasion or asking that I take them shopping for clothes. I realized that I wanted to pursue my love for fashion by sharing clothing I enjoyed and photography that inspired me. I started in March 2010 as an outlet to express my personal style and inspirations.
SB: You post fashion editorials and inspirational images. What tends to catch your eye?

FA: Something that I can’t stop looking at: a beautiful model, an amazing shoe, interesting lighting, or unique styling. These all tend to catch my eye.
SB: How would you describe your personal style? And how is your blog an extension of that style?

FA: I would describe my style as polished chic. I try to stick with classic clothing and neutral colors (the majority of my closet is black, navy, and cream), but this doesn’t mean I’m afraid to take risks! A lot of my clothes are vintage or basics from a store that everyone can afford. I love accessorizing a $20 H&M dress with chunky vintage jewelry or an interesting belt to make my outfit more unique! On my blog, I like to post interesting accessories, handmade jewelry, or trinkets that are key to making a good outfit! Everything on my blog, from the editorial content to clothing, is something I am totally in love with or would wear. This allows me to really stay true to my personality within the blog.
SB: Who is your style icon?

FA: For a while now, I have been really inspired by street fashion as opposed to having one style icon. I love seeing how average women create these awesome and accessible looks without having a stylist or a ton of money—to me, this is true style. Fashion is expensive but style is not, and many stylish girls are not rich. My mother also will always be one of my style icons. She has excellent taste and has always given me the best style advice. Whether investing in a classic piece of jewelry or a handbag that I will have for a lifetime.

Winning Outfit: Red Pants!

2. Relaxed Crewneck, LA Made ; $ 30
3. Black Boyfriend Blazer, Vince; $ 264
4. Crystal Necklace, J.Crew; $ 55
5. Leopard Pumps, Jessica Simpson ; $ 69

8 Responses to 'Shopbop and IFB Best Dressed Blogger'

  1. amie said...'> March 25, 2011 at 2:58 PM

    Loved your answers to our Q&A! Thanks again and congrats!!



  2. VENZedits said...'> March 25, 2011 at 3:51 PM

    You were the first person I saw in the red pants trend at NYFW. I just posted about your look:



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